Elliot Manson

I figure it's important for you to at least know a little about the person you're working with. So hi, my name is Elliot Manson, a traveling entrepreneur currently residing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I have been involved with Crossfit the past 5 years and dabble a bit in yoga (I'm really bad at it). An active lifestyle always keeps the mind right.

Career history

My former years were spent doing sales and account management for a Fortune 12 company and then moving into a small consulting firm. Working for the big guys just wasn't for me. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility working for myself and I love love love working with small businesses, especially in the health industry.

Marketing background

Soon into starting my first business in fitness, in love with digital marketing. I love everything about it, the analytics, the research, the variables, how hard it is!

Over the last 3 years, I've spent a lot of time inside Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, content marketing, Google Analytics, creating and optimizing campaigns for myself and for other companies.

Given how much I love marketing, I'm in constant learning, earning certifications in various fields from one of the largest digital marketing agencies.


Elliot Manson content marketing specialist
Elliot Manson customer acquisition specialist
Elliot Manson customer value optimization specialist
Elliot Manson email marketing specialist
Elliot Manson analytics and data specialist


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