What is Auto Suggest Marketing?

Utilizing search engines auto predictive tool, which recommends searches in real time based on what you're typing. You're positioned in the auto predictive text, where users turn their attention for recommended searches. 

auto suggest marketing

How does Auto Suggest Help SEO?

Your Auto Suggest Is Organic

The auto-suggest is viewed as an organic search for your business. 

Your Organic Content Shows On Page 1

After the suggestion is clicked, Google pulls up all your organic content, allowing searchers to see and view more of your content. More clicks, improved SEO. 

Improve SEO For Multiple Keywords

Because multiple links pull up after your auto-suggest, your SEO improves on multiple keywords, depending on where the traffic is going. 

What happens in Auto Suggest

Social Proof

Only two thoughts occur in the customers mind when they see you in auto suggest. They are being suggested because everyone in the world is searching for them. Or, they are being suggested because Google thinks they are the greatest company in the world. 

No Other Competitors

No competitors in auto suggest. You'll be the only company Google is recommending. And we will never work with a competitor on the exact keywords you've selected!

Improved SEO Results

Because it's viewed as an organic search and organic traffic, your content will begin to move up the SEO ranks. You'll receive reporting on how your SEO is being affected. 

Own All 10 Organic Links On Page 1

When your auto suggestion is selected, you can own all 10 organic links on page 1, making it nearly impossible for someone not to select your content. 

No SEO Battle

You'll be done fighting for SEO ranks. Your auto suggest is viewed as an organic search, pulling up your content first. 

Cost Less than PPC

Auto Suggest is a flat, monthly rate, 10 clicks on 10,000 clicks, same price for you, every month. 


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