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This is me. This is how I do things. I think outside the box. I look at everything in life and think "How can I do it better?"

Marketing Experience

9 marketing certifications. Google: AdWords Fundamentals, AdWords Search, AdWords Video, AdWords Display. Digital Marketer: Email Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Content Marketing, Analytics & Data, Customer Value Optimization

5 years in AdWords, FB marketing, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Tag Manager.

Managed client relationships for a $1million a month FB ad spend.

Work one on one with clients, managing all ads and expectations.

Built 4 websites centered around marketing and consulting.

Provide marketing reviews at a 30,000 foot view, analyzing opportunities for growth.

Lead Magnets! Created a calculator to show potential ROI on AdWords. Wrote E-Book on marketing in the fitness industry.

Elliot Manson email marketing specialist
Elliot Manson content marketing specialist
Elliot Manson customer value optimization specialist
Elliot Manson customer acquisition specialist
Elliot Manson analytics and data specialist

Who You Get As A Person

A Team Player

13 years playing youth team sports, including football (that's still my best friend), baseball and basketball.  ↓

Elliot Manson and Kory football picture

Skill Developement

  • Creativity

  • Writing

  • Marketing

  • Being A Good Person


Most Recent Volunteer Work

Coaching a youth baseball team. 

Elliot Manson Coaching baseball

I believe in:

Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.

Challenge yourself. Best way to know what you're truly made of is to push your limit.

Morals and character extend much further than wealth and success.

Ask a lot of questions.

Do what you love, but only if it's financial feasible. It's hard to be happy and broke.

Listen more than you talk. Everyone knows something you don't. Talking is only repeating what you already know.

which direction to go - major decision

Every major decision I make I think about my future children

By Elliot Manson | December 27, 2017

I have a unique way of making some a major decision in my life. This applies to decisions I make in business, relationships, travel adventures. At this point, it’s affected every major decision in my life. I don’t currently have kids As of today, no kids in my life. I’m 28 and enjoying every part …

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A quote I’ve been living my life on, but never knew it until today

By Elliot Manson | December 5, 2016

It’s 11pm on a Monday night. I finished writing a business proposal so I thought I would get on StumbleUpon for a minute to give my brain a break. 3 pages in, I get to a page called 20 truth filled quotes. I always find these interesting and in a way inspiring as it’s a …

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How I Spend My Down Time

Crossfit and yoga. Healthy body, healthy mind.

Elliot Manson lifting

Traveling to any beach that will have me

Elliot Manson Yelapa

Spending time with my pooch.

elliot manson and iris
  • 1989 - 2011

    Rockford, Illinois

    Born and raised by two wonderful parents and accompanied by an older sister I'm sure I hated as a child, but love dearly now. Blue collar town midwestern town. The town means well, but it's not a place for everyone. 

  • 2011-2017

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Where I became a man. Career took off, lifelong friends. Really found who I was in Phoenix. Part of moving away from family is learning more about who you are.

  • 2017-current

    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Yes, I currently live in paradise. After 3 years of primarily working from home I decided, hey, I can do this anywhere in the world. My pup and I moved to have better access to the beach and experience a new culture.

  • April, 2018

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Relocating back to Phoenix the last week of April, 2018.

What I've done so far

projects, passions, companies, pursuits


Digital Marketing Strategist

I built the site to give me an outlet to write. I'm in my own head a lot and really needed to get it out there, and felt I could provide value to the few that were willing to take some time and read my thoughts. For business, the site produces marketing consulting, primarily paid advertising and high-level consulting partnerships on digital marketing strategies. 

stonepark productions

StonePark Productions

Digital Marketing Strategist (consulting) - 2018 - current

Consulting communications, PR and social media teams on content and promotion strategies. Lead overall plan of action for promotion while running all paid advertising for the release of a film and strategy for the launch of STO (Secure Token Offering).

auto suggest marketing

Total Front Page/Auto Suggest Marketing

Consultant - 2017-2018

Bringing auto suggest marketing to the world. Utilizing search engines auto predictive tool, which recommends searches in real time based on what you're typing. We are able to position companies in the auto predictive text, where users turn their attention for recommended searches. 

your gym rep on sites jpg

Your Gym Rep

Owner - 2017

Your Gym Rep was a passion project, building out an email marketing strategy for gyms to easily implement, driving additional revenue from previously collected emails. 


Global Sales Management

Consultant/Partner 2016-2018

GSM was a consulting company focused on a prominent social media marketing strategy for health and fitness companies. Drove additional members and revenue while providing an in-depth review of business practices, finances and marketing strategies. 

oxford elliot manson

Oxford Healthcare IT

Sr. Account Manager 2016

Oxford Healthcare IT is a consulting firm providing resources to healcare facilities to improve overall IT functions. 


We Are Vitamins

Owner 2014 - 2016

E-commerce supplement store with a focus on sleep, providing resources and products to better support a good nights rest. 

cvs health elliot manson

CVS Health

Account Executive 2012 - 2016

CVS Health, along with their pharmacies, is a PBM, providing prescription benefits to public and private companies, focusing on improving overall health. 

What I'm Looking For

If you've made it this far, I hope you understand I am genuinely interested in working for a company. I'm looking forward to once again working with a team of highly motivated people, a fast moving company I can grow with. 

I'm seeking work in digital marketing, paid advertising management, analytics, trend analysis, as we well as content writing, blogging, landing page designs, copywriting. 

Phoenix, Arizona or remote work would be ideal.

After getting to know me through this page and you still feel we are a fit, I would love to get to know more about you and your position. Please shoot me a message below. 


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