My Why: To positively impact so much of the world, through business and inspiration, so that my future children have a legacy to pursue and will continue to changing the world.

Two focuses of life...

Sharing my life of a traveling entrepreneur

I want to inspire people. I want to help people overcome fears and live the life that makes them happy. 

My way of doing this is through writing about what it's like to be an entrepreneur, living in another country, traveling. To give a transparent view, the good and the bad of a life the internet typically only shows the good side. 

All things digital marketing

I absolutely love digital marketing. 

It's the ability to reverse engineer what a market is doing. Then create something that speaks to them, gives the market what they are looking for. 

It's helping a company achieve something that can change the way they do business, get them a step closer to their dream company. 

Today's Favorite Quotes

David Mamet

Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt.

Will Smith

The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity.

Walt Disney

The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting

Peter Drucker

What gets measured gets managed. 

The internet

Be so good they can't ignore you.

Jim Carrey

You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. 

What I've done so far

projects, passions, companies, pursuits

auto suggest marketing

Total Front Page/Auto Suggest Marketing

Consultant - 2017-2018

Bringing auto suggest marketing to the world. Utilizing search engines auto predictive tool, which recommends searches in real time based on what you're typing. We are able to position companies in the auto predictive text, where users turn their attention for recommended searches. 

your gym rep on sites jpg

Your Gym Rep

Owner - 2017

Your Gym Rep was a passion project, building out an email marketing strategy for gyms to easily implement, driving additional revenue from previously collected emails. 


Global Sales Management

Consultant/Partner 2016-2018

GSM was a consulting company focused on a prominent social media marketing strategy for health and fitness companies. Drove additional members and revenue while providing an in-depth review of business practices, finances and marketing strategies. 

oxford elliot manson

Oxford Healthcare IT

Sr. Account Manager 2016

Oxford Healthcare IT is a consulting firm providing resources to healcare facilities to improve overall IT functions. 


We Are Vitamins

Owner 2014 - 2016

E-commerce supplement store with a focus on sleep, providing resources and products to better support a good nights rest. 

cvs health elliot manson

CVS Health

Account Executive 2012 - 2016

CVS Health, along with their pharmacies, is a PBM, providing prescription benefits to public and private companies, focusing on improving overall health. 

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Some Passion Rant…I Think

We all hear find your passion and do what you love. Thanks, captain obvious, sounds like a great idea. But how? If you think the rest of this will tell you how, you’re in the wrong damn spot. No fucking clue how you find your passion. If I had to take a stab, here it …

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Overthinking everything. Is this good or bad?

Your mind races. You wonder if your response to the stranger at Starbucks was adequate. Always curious if you’re being a good enough friend. Did you make the right decision when the customer had a difficult question… The thoughts linger in our minds for hours. It’s hard to flush it out and you don’t know …

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How to Use Keyword Research to Decide Your Next Niche Blog

The built-in complexities of starting your own niche blog can be quite overwhelming. Everything you do — from picking a website theme to designing your web pages — can spell the difference between the success or failure of your blog. However, before you even think about any of these, you first need to do keyword …

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learned about love

3 things I Learned About Love In The Last 3 Years

I’m on the phone with my ex-girlfriend. We are still friends, she’s a lovely, amazing woman and I’m grateful we are still friends. She really made me think. She asked me “What have you learned about love since we broke up?”. Ummmm… I didn’t have an answer. I was stuck. And it frustrated me. Have …

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business name

should you create a business name or use your own?

It always feels weird when someone asks me the name of my company. “I don’t have one…” “Oh okay…Well, what do you do again?” That’s usually the point when I start to feel like an Idiot. And I think this is why a lot of people come up with company names, even when they are …

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man overlooking sea why

Thinking about why you like something can change your life and help you understand who you are, what makes you tick.

Why do you like that TV show, movie, certain vacation town, coffee shop…why do you like anything you do? It’s not a question we often ask ourselves, we simply know we like it. You ask 99% of people why they like a tv show, “it’s entertaining”. And they are not wrong. But go a level …

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